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mardi 7 février 2012

US Army Upgrade to Android 4.0

The United States wish has already forbid their government workers to use smart phone to send any formal message is about changing mind, they are currently preparing a modified version of Android OS which will have more security importance.Many prototype of smart phone and tablets was tested in US and sent to soldiers overseas, soldier will benefit from this new project at first federal agent came later.Soldiers may use their new smart phone the get localisation or weather cast update directly in their phone but not to give their coordination to enemy because weather cast application retrieve coordination from the smart phone to obtain your location and give the right information this information can be intercepted.iOS is discussed too because the US want that many platform be supported by the new OS.To apply their change over the original OS research must obtain access from the owner that's why they talked to Google and Apple,Google freely allow developers to fiddle with its code Apple refused to give the feds access to the core of its mobile operating system. Google was simply more cooperative                       

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