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mardi 21 février 2012

Greek hackers (GHS) join Anonymous attacks

Three Greek hackers have been arrested and accused of hacking and defacing a government web site. The attack happened at the start of February and the three are accused of defacing the Greek Ministry of Justice with a protest message, according to a report on Greek news web site

'What is going on in your country is unacceptable. You were chosen by your people to act on behalf of them and express their wishes, but you have derogatorily failed,' says the message that is still available on Youtube. 'You have killed the most sacred element your country had and that is democracy. Democracy was given birth in your country but you have now killed it.'

The message says that a government dictatorship is favouring bankers and the EU and making its citizens pay for their mistakes. It adds that Greek support of ACTA, which is limited to the government, is also a driver behind the hack.
'The people demonstrate against you but you do not want their voices to be heard. You deprive them from their right of freedom of expression and of their right to live. Your arbitrary actions must be punished,' it adds.
'By signing the ACTA bill you are going to deprive your people from further freedom and you are pushing them one step towards oppression. You ignored our warnings and now WE ARE IN CHARGE!'
The message is in English, but Greek text is also available. The report says that the three, aged 16, 17 and 18, belong to a hacking group called the Greek Hacking Scene (GHS) and have publicly stated their support for Anonymous. This is not the only Anonymous attack on Greece, and on 13 February it carried out a number of other hacks in the country. A statement from the Greek police says that the accused have 'committed dozens of digital attacks'

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